Residents of the local community are invited to join Fairmount residents on Friday, August 10, at 9:30 a.m. for a Safety Vest Frolic. The frolic will be held in the Crest View Gathering Room at 1100 Farm Crest Drive on the east side of the Fairmount campus. Kay L. Moyer, Safety Nurse Educator from the Cooperative Extension Service, supplies the materials to make vests and assemble kits. If you would like to help cut pieces of Velcro or reflective tape for the vests or assemble the cut pieces into kits, please come to the frolic and lend a hand.

In response to concerns for the safety of the many Amish and Mennonite children who walk, bike or ride a scooter on back roads to and from their schools during the school year, Moyer came up with a program to make and distribute reflective vests for the children to wear when traveling the roads. The vests allow cars and trucks to quickly notice them. However, very few companies make children’s vests. Since the beginning of this project, close to 25,000 vests have been given to students. The demand has been so great that it is hard to keep up when school is in session.

If you are not able to attend the frolic, but are interested in helping in your own home, please call 717.394.6851. Due to increased demand, there is a great need for more people to sew, as well as for someone to cut fabric for vests. Donations are needed also to purchase additional materials for more vests.

Parents or teachers of young students who may need vests are welcome to call. Your participation in this worthy project to keep our community’s children safe will be greatly appreciated.