Is Fairmount licensed to provide Medicare-covered rehabilitation?
Fairmount is fully licensed by Medicare to provide inpatient rehab services.
What rehab services does Fairmount provide?
Fairmount is fully licensed by medicare to provide inpatient rehab services. Fairmount’s rehab program provides a full line of rehab care including physical, occupational and speech therapy.
Who pays for my rehab program?
Fairmount will bill Medicare or most other insurance plans for covered “medically necessary” services in our skilled Health Care center. You will be responsible for all applicable deductibles, co-insurance or other charges not covered by insurance.
What happens when residents complete a rehab stay?
Social services staff assist resident with the discharge back to home.
Who decides when I go home?
Your physician at Fairmount ultimately makes the decision on discharge, but this decision is interdisciplinary, involving you, Health Care and Social Service staff. Families are included in the treatment plan as the resident desires.
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